Schilling ATLAS 7R

Schilling ATLAS 7R

Available to rent and buy

The Schilling ATLAS 7 function manipulator is a heavy duty manipulator known as the dexterous grabber


This manipulator has been designed to lift heavy loads, while being lightweight and easy to control.

The Schilling ATLAS arm has six degrees of freedom and a high lift capacity (250kg at full extension). The ATLAS provides operators with the freedom and strength to perform a wider range of heavy duty tasks in harsh subsea environments.

To enhance operation of the ATLAS arm, the manipulator can be utilised with the J2 Subsea Manipulator iVP Control System. 

The Schilling ATLAS 7R manipulator and the J2 Subsea manipulator iVP control system are available on a rental or sale basis from J2 Subsea. For any ATLAS sale, rental, or repair enquiries, please contact us

  • Tough and durable
  • Extraordinary lift-to-weight ratio
  • Long reach and high degree of agility provides a large operating envelope

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