WeSubsea 6" Titanium ROV Dredger

WeSubsea 6

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The WeSubsea Titanium 6” ROV Dredger is designed with a focus on performance, it is light weight and easy for the operator to use.


THE WESUBSEA 6“ ROV DREDGER is designed with a focus on performance, lightweight and ease of use for the operator. Supplied as a complete out of the box dredging package with no external pump units or further hardware to assemble. The highly efficient dredger is supplied ready to be mounted on to the ROV for quick and easy operation.

The WeSubsea 6” Titanium ROV Dredger runs at only 50-60Lpm@200Bar, allowing greater flexibility regarding the size of the vehicle the dredger can be used with. WeSubsea continue to oer their unmatched dredger technology with the lightest and most powerful dredgers on the market today.

6” Titanium high quality ROV Dredger

  • WeSubsea’s most popular class leading dredger with extreme capacity and flexibility
  • Suitable for removal of clay, sand, drill cutting and rock dump
  • Proven clog free design to stay clear even when dredging rock dumps due to high suction rate and efficiency
  • Removal capacity up to 45 m³/h
  • The lightest and most compact design on the market
  • Compensated, no depth limitations or risk of water ingress
  • Max flow rate 500 m³/hr – 8300 Lpm (2192 US gpm)
  • Max flow rate 450 m³/hr – 7500 Lpm (50 Lpm @ 200 bar)
  • Max rock size (theoretical) 140 mm
  • Removal capacity 45 m³/h (70t/hr) (Dependent on operational handling and type of sediment)
  • Hydraulic requirement 50-60 Lpm @ 200 bar (15 US gpm @ 2900 psi)
  • Length of dredger –1130 mm
  • Titanium ejector
  • Weight in air 75 kg
  • Weight in water 63 kg
  • Standard 3,5 meter suction hose with camlock for mounting on dredgers
  • additional spare parts and custom parts on request

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