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J2 Subsea presents at SUT Subsea Gadgets & Widgets

David Currie presented at the SUT Subsea Gadgets and Widgets event in September at the Sir Ian Wood building, RGU, Aberdeen. The event was structured in a short, snappy 10 minute per speaker format offering the chance for companies to tell the audience about smart gadgets, or innovative thinking, and a chance for the audience to learn what’s new in the industry. The event was well attended with 86 people from a wide cross section of the Subsea Industry.

We felt this would be a great opportunity to discuss the innovative J2 Subsea 4 Port Tool Changer. The discussion focused on how the Toolchanger can change the way ROVs change tooling on the Seabed.  This will save time and money and increase productivity for ROVs.  All this can be achieved safely and with Zero Leak. The new Tool Changer animation was very well received and simplified the process for people who may be unfamiliar with the technology.  


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